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About Mabe

Mabe has developed a new line of household appliances with perfect harmony between technology and esthetics.

Their innovative functions and design will ensure that even the smallest detail make a great change in your home.

Why Choose Mabe?

Through technology and in the spirit of continuous improvement, Mabe creates innovative products that simplify daily household chores. Ensuring every home is running smoothly so that people’s lives go smoothly too!

Our values:

  • Humility

    We are open to listening and integrating other perspectives in a context of learning and collaboration.

  • Respect

    We recognize the dignity and value of people and the environment, and we build relationships of trust.

  • Commitment

    We do our job to the best of our abilities and we are proud to be a part of this company.

  • Congruence

    We do what we say and say what we do, in harmony with what we believe as a company.

  • Honesty

    Lead by example, we act with rectitude and integrity.

Integrate technology to your home

  • Aqua Saver Green technology

    Save up to 76%
    of water per washed.*
    Savigns compared with our
    washing machines.

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  • Fast Cook burner

    The most powerful in the market.*
    Heat up to 30% faster**
    beacuse of its 13,200 BTUs.

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  • Ecological gas R410A

    Ecological range with greater efficency
    to he compressor and less
    energy intake and environmental impact.

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  • Ecological gas R410A

    Energy multisavings
    Spend Less!

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